Mingled yarn...


"The web of our life is of a mingled yarn,
good and ill together."

William Shakespere,  from All's Well that Ends Well

Just something I'm thinking about today...the way lives are knit together...how friends become friends, stay friends...or sometimes not...yet once there was a web between, binding, interwoven, unique.  Thinking too, how sometimes that web remains and sometimes it's blown away on the next season's wind.  Like loved ones who are with us for awhile...and then gone.

I took these photographs in early February.  One morning the entire hedgerow behind our pond was filled with these (seemingly) overnight creations.  I don't know which spider spins these webs, but aren't they the most marvelous constructions?  They suit my mood today as I look at them and wonder about "good and ill together."  Threads.  Mingled yarn.  Lives intertwined.

Today is my mother's birthday.  If she was still with me, she would be 88.  I can't imagine her that old.  But I like to imagine that one of those webs in the hedgerow is hers, next to mine, along with all the others we've known and loved...and have yet to know and love.  

Just something I'm thinking about today...



  1. your Mom's in that hedgerow, along with all your extended family ancesters, woven spirits together.
    Gorgeous webs too, up close...k.

  2. I love this post and these photo's. Your words ring true and you've used a beautiful way to portray them. Thank you.

  3. My mom would have been 88 this past April.

    Love your webs.

  4. Hilary ~ yes we are! I find it amazing how this *moodiness* seems to run in cycles with all of us blog friends. Might make a good case study, HAH!

    Kaite ~ I love that, thank you :>]]

    Penny ~ Thank you so much...

    Jude ~ oh yes indeed...just like feathers...

    CG ~ Ahhh, yours too? One of the many, many webs.

  5. Beautiful photos and thoughts...

  6. What lovely photos. And wise words too.

  7. What beautiful photographs christi.... amazing how many webs are in this hedge. I loved your story about life and friends too.


  8. Your photographs show an eye for careful study 8-)

    I am so sorry for the other bittersweet pieces.


  9. she's there...beautiful thought isn't it....in the cloth on my blog are feathers which I believe my dead husband sent me from heaven. It's called feathers from heaven.
    You webs are good inspiration don't you think?


  10. Yvonne, Kaye & T ~ thank you so much for leaving such kind words...

    Feltmaker ~ It is ok about the bittersweet since I think they make all the other things even more sweet :>}

    yvette ~ your 'feathers from heaven' is so precious & I hope the making of it wasn't too painful for you. Isn't it grand what things come along to inspire us, drifting on the air or suspended from twigs?

    Thanks again to everyone for your thoughtful comments...

  11. Such a lovely post.
    I find it just amazing that I have become linked with so many people throughout the world through this thing called a web. Such an amazing connection!

  12. Pensive Christi, reflecting on ageing and change. I've been missing you....

    This pictures take me right back to the crisp morning air of winter and the way the webs show up so densely like this. Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful! Happy to have found your blog... lovely photos and wonderful beadwork. Sumptuous color!

  14. Pamela & Edward ~ I feel exactly the same about THIS web! I've been having the greatest pleasure meeting like minded friends far and wide...what a way to travel :>]]

    Robin ~ yes. And ME TOO! Our felting workshop time together will be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

    Valerianna ~ I'm so happy you have found my blog, too! Thank you so much, your comment means a lot...

  15. I've just enjoyed leafing through your blog. Very beautiful - a girl after my own heart. I am very lucky that I live only 4 miles from David Austen Roses - I had no idea they travelled so far. I am putting you on my blogroll!!!