Slow Felt: upcoming workshop with Chad Alice Hagen!


Felting and dyeing and beading and stitching, oh my!
Resist Dyeing and Bookbinding
~  with Chad Alice Hagen ~
June 17, 18 and 19, 2010
Lopez Island, Washington

I had my first experience attending a felting workshop with Chad Alice Hagen last summer and WOW, was it ever wonderful (see my blog post, Resist * Stitch * Bead.)  So I was thrilled beyond belief when my good friend Jan S., was able to "convince" Chad to come out to our little corner of the world - the beautiful San Juan Islands - and have a vacation lead one of her awesome workshops right here!  This post is to let you all know that there are a few spaces available...hint, hint...

I can't wait to learn how to make one of these!

This three day intensive workshop will combine felt-making, resist dyeing AND book making.  Let me quote directly from the workshop description:

The first day's focus will be the dye kitchen where we will not
only learn the basics for setting up a safe at-home dye area
and the use of Lanaset and WF acid dyeing, but will transform
our fine Australian Merino needle punched prefelts into dozens
of brilliant resist dyed samples through the magical use of hundreds
of odd but interesting resist tools and up to 15 dyebaths.

The next days will be filled with stitching and beading those beautiful
dyed surfaces and transforming them into small, exquisite books.  The
class will learn two different bookbinding stitches and two types of book
covers.  With many demonstrations and hands on learning, we will finish
at least two books - a wrapped sketchbook and a wonderful Coptic
bound journal.

The stitching, beading and binding of books is a thoughtful, slow process
so be prepared for delightful hours surrounded by color and texture
and the company of like-minded folk.  The instructor will bring lots of
samples of her books and will lead discussions on design ideas and
variations for using handmade felt in books.

Click here for the pdf which has the complete workshop description, cost, instructor details, and contact info.

Let me tempt you just a bit further - go to Flickr (here) and have a peek at some more examples of Chad's handmade books.  And while you're at it, you may not want to miss her fabulous felted and beaded brooches and ooooh, the Art Pages.  

edge detail on handmade book

The photos above can be viewed larger and in greater detail on Chad's blog - which btw, is also a hoot to read and will provide you with lots more info about her work, studio, travels, sense of humor, and the overall general state of her artistic life living with two demanding cats.  You might want to check out her website, too, chadalicehagen.com.  There's a wonderful photo of Chad passed out on the work table, surrounded by oodles of resist dyed felts.  Ah heck, here it is (hope she won't mind).

This workshop is being hosted and organized by Jan S.  If you have any questions (really, any at all) or would like to inquire about reserving a spot around the dye pots, please contact Jan directly via her website.

Won't you join us...it's going to be a BLAST?!  I'll be there and I would so love to see you!


  1. and i would sooo love to come over for it too but i can't swim that far. Wonderful pics, they look so inviting. |<.

  2. lucky bird...she was her (the Netherlands a couple of times)


  3. Great post, Christy!!! So inviting! I'm just tickled pink that I'll be there with you for this fun workshop!!!!

    Robin A.

  4. These are beautiful little creations.

  5. judging by what i've heard of her recent Netherlands event it should be a hoot and a holler
    she's fun to be around!

  6. Lopez Island! oh my. I think I was there...in the like, early 1970s...