Stoppin' for the wags...


Sometimes you just have to drop everything.

Especially when she is giving you THIS look...

Could we puhleeez go for a walk now?

The sun has come out and dawg is antsy for an adventure, so she stares me down while that tail goes back and forth, back and forth.  I know if we walk the wags will be endless.  And I'm one big softie for endless wags.

Cleaning up my workspace can wait.  So can the bead sorting, the unruly stack of dishes.
Gotta get me some of this.

And this.
Because that's pure happiness.  So I'm stoppin' everything for the wags...


  1. Oh glorious, glorious wags
    Sunlight through tail feathers
    Wagging in joy of the moment
    The one all-important purpose