A reason for a list...


Outside the window today was this sight...a 'Jelena' witch hazel blooming her silly head off.  My first blooms of winter on the first shrub planted in the first garden of my very first home.  Whew, that's firsts  a'plenty.  I am grateful, deeply grateful for each.

And this color, what does one call it?  Copper-orange?  Burnt orange?  Deep melon tipped with pumpkin?  No matter.  Because all I could think was I wonder if Jelena would be considered a good plant for dyeing fabric.  Could I possibly get THAT color to transfer to textiles?  To felt??  Oh, be still my beating heart!

A list, yes, must start a list..."Dye Garden Plants."  Two columns; must haves & already have. Later I can add the column, already killed.

Note to self: research, buy more books, ask more questions, welcome the wisdom of blog friends with dye stains on their clothes  :>]


  1. Fabulous, totally awesome, photo of your Jelena!!!! If it has any blossoms to spare, pick one and try pounding it with a hammer on a white or very light-colored cloth. I don't know much about the technique or if you have to "set" the color somehow, but I've seen results and they tend to transfer the color quite brilliantly. Easy to try, eh? Hugs, R

  2. Hey, great photo and color. That would be fantastic if you could do this with it.

  3. Robin ~ I have recently been reading about that method...so *primal* that pounding on cloth! Yes, there's many blooms so I think it's worth the experiment. Must find the right cloth...

    CG ~ thanks! so nice to have you visit 'round these parts :>]] ("Hi George!")

  4. Oh, witch hazel, what a lovely little rebel of a plant...sprouting out beauty just when all the other plants have gone in for the winter...

    The picture is lovely and the color reminds me of a book you should look for at your library, if you haven't already..

    Indigo, Madder and Marigold: A Portfolio of Colors from Natural Dyes by Trudy Van Stralen

  5. Thanks for the book tip, Susan! I checked at my library...no do have...so I put it on my Amazon Wish List instead :>]

  6. Hi Christi,
    Your witchhazel flower is glorious! I am intrigued by the shape and colour so much that I am tempted to see if I can do justice to its beauty by creating a small wall-quilt. Would you mind? It would mean I base my design on the image from your photo. However it turns out I could send you a photo.

    I joined BJP this year, but my first attempt is not so good (lots of fun). I live in hope of improving!!

    Cheers, Pamela in Sydney

  7. Well thank you very much, Pamela, I am so glad you like my photo! I adore this witchhazel & intend to get a couple more for the garden in other colors... By all means, use my photo as a design base for your quilt - what a wonderful idea! And thank you so very much for having nice manners and asking me first, I really appreciate that :>]]

    And WELCOME to the BJP!!! don't worry about your first attempts, it is a wonderful supportive group of gals who are pretty much all going through the same things, so don't give up because it only gets better & better!!