Solace project

All are welcome to join ...

An open invitation
from India Flint :

click here for more information

Inspiration & a few stories from some of the flag makers ...
ronnie  ::  NSW, Australia
Liz  ::  Texas, USA
Mo  ::  Sydney, Australia
Mary  ::  Adelaide, Australia
Kath  ::  Sydney, Australia
Suzanna  ::  California, USA
Celeste  ::  southern USA
Dorcas  ::  UK
Kate  ::  Yorkshire, England
Kathy  ::  Michigan, USA
Maya  ::  India
Helen  ::  New York, USA
Christi (that's me)  ::  Washington, USA
Morna  ::  Connecticut, USA
Tracy  ::  Lincolnshire, UK
Beth  ::  Illinois, USA
Jo  ::  Melbourne, Australia
Lotta  ::  Virginia, USA
Bodil  ::  Svendborg, Denmark
Jadranka & Wendi  ::  Brisbane & Beechmont, Australia
Nanette  ::  Murwillumbah, Australia
Eileen  ::  Washington DC, USA

If you've made a flag / pennant for the solace project and would like your link added to this list,
please contact me via sweetpeapath [@] gmail [dot] com
** FYI: for those without blogs or websites, I can also link to your Instagram photo ...

I'd love for this list of names to grow
T H A N K   Y O U

 July 2015:
India has now created a blogsite for this communal endeavor
where the collective impromptu poem resides ...