Five years ago


A trend has been afoot on the internet for quite some time,
something called  Throwback Thursday
and although I've never participated, I have on occasion enjoyed friend's postings.
Which is what happened today.  After having a good giggle over some ancient history 
I saw on Facebook [it does have its upside from time to time] I thought to myself
 what the heck, let's see what was going on say five years ago
in my own neck of the woods.

A hop over to my photo archives from January, 2011 & it appears
not much was happening different from now ...

I was out photographing a lot of frost,

was taking lots of chilly, storm-ridden walks with this one 
[that year we could have ice skated on our pond!]

and I was enjoying some extremely pleasant hours weaving cloth scraps
which coincidentally, I've returned to a bit of late because of my '52 week project' ... 
but I'll tell you more about that in my next post
 where I'll share my first 3-inch explorations for the month of January.
Stay tuned, I'm very excited about it!

Nope, aside from the aforementioned activities which pretty much echo present day,
the image that has led me to write my first  Throwback Thursday  post

Our dear Quinn.
Five years ago, right after Christmas, my fella and I drove to Oregon
to pick up this special being.  Black dogs are notoriously difficult to adopt out
and this little girl was no exception.  Malnourished, unsocialized, scared of
everything & everyone, we spent that first January gently introducing her to our world
and showing her as best we could that life had a better side
than living in a chainlink enclosure
by yourself.

Quinn is so skinny in this picture!  Weighing in at 47 pounds she was only
five pounds heavier than my small collie back then.  But no longer - now she is 65 pounds 
and a powerhouse of solid swimming, ball chasing, long distance hiking muscle. 
Best of all, she's found her person to be devoted to
and he has the dog he's always wanted ...
 intelligent, curious, playful, steadfastly faithful & incredibly loyal.

It was a long road - is STILL a long road - training & helping this girl to be comfortable
 in a world she previously mistrusted.  None of that was her fault and we've had many a
discussion about what kind of dog she would have become if she'd had a better
start in life.

It is rarely ever too late to help a dog.
Please consider adoption for your next choice of fur friend.
You may actually inherit an angel in disguise. 


  1. je suis curieuse de suivre ton travail...
    et ce compagnon merveilleux!

    1. Je suis très heureux que vous visitez ici. Nous sommes deux amis à chiens!

  2. I thank the Dogs Above a lot. I bet those two dogs are pretty thankful for all y'all.

    1. I hope they are both having a very good life.
      And it is I who thank them,
      for all they teach me and for their immeasurable companionship.

  3. Interesting to look back to 5 years ago and see where you were in your life path, but for me, reassuring that life is much the same and I am comfortable and happy in my world.

    Our dogs have always been more attracted to me, than to my husband. Until my grandson brought Boscoe home two years ago as a Christmas gift. He was born in the woods. The mother and litter were taken into a barn for safety and sold for the cost of first puppy shots. Terry and Boscoe became devoted to each other. My heart is so happy that Terry, for the first time I think, knows the joy of that kind of connection to a fur friend. I can't imagine a life without dogs.

    xx, Carol

    1. I love these kinds of stories of how dogs pick their people vs. the other way around. I'm so happy for Terry, too! There is no way to corral devotion.

      I'd been without a dog friend for nigh on 30 years before I adopted Isla and now I know for a fact that I will NEVER go without a dog ever, ever again. It helps being older & not moving around so much ;>)

  4. I know we never get the dog we wanted, we get the dog we needed. I lost my little Patty last year. She was a rescue from a puppy mill. I hope that the five years I had her she found the freedom and love she deserved. At least she never had to have another baby or babies. She was goofy, scared, unsocialized, and very needy. She left this world surrounded by love and caring arms.

    1. I've always suspected my Isla was an escapee from a puppy mill situation. What HARD lives those dogs live and I'm hoping desperately that this country comes to its senses and bans them altogether. I'm sure your sweet Patty knew the love & freedom you provided even if she was never quite comfortable with some it. Dogs know. I'm certain of it. Thank you for your visit here. Pleased to "meet" you.

  5. you as a dog lover Christi a sweet story , i think they have the best life by you and the surrounding you can give them.

    1. So sweet of you to say, Bodil, for I know you miss your own collie with all your heart. Thank you for the kind words.

    2. christi i do not miss her so much more than the time after only if i see pictures of collie who look like her , it gives memory , it is so hard to say good bye when the dogs life has ended and then i decieded , i cannot have a dog again , but it give you a rich life in anywhere , enjoy your dogs

    3. In that case, you can be an "Auntie" to other people's dogs ;>)) All dogs benefit from good auntie love!

  6. I love the fully engaged look in the eyes of quinn.... I bet she can look right through anything!

    1. That might be a wee bit of an understatement, ronnie ;>)

  7. What a beautiful story about this unique and wonderful 'person' you adopted five years ago. How wonderful that you found each other and how lovely to have followed her, via blog, as she's grown into her true self.

    1. ohh, that's right, Penny, you've been watching her from here the whole time! You have history. How lovely is that.

  8. Quinn is a beauty. I tried to talk my daughter into naming my, turned out to be, grandson Quinn ~ ya know from the Dylan song "...When Quinn the Eskimo gets here...". Nope all she could think of was the cartoon Daria's sister, Quinn. So, we have a Trey :) I love the name.
    Your purples are Royal. Love them.

    1. How sweet of you to leave so many replies on my blog, Nancy - I thank you SO MUCH for your visit & taking the time to do so. Trey is a gorgeous name!

      Those purples came about years ago in one of jude's classes ... I think maybe we both participated way back then??

    2. It's funny, I have seen your name all these years...but there are SO MANY names over at Jude's!! I've kept a semi-small circle of blog travels and then that got super small for a long, long time. It is hard for me to keep up with the time aspect of visiting so many these days, but I've been enjoying yours a great deal. Your work is so beautiful. It was your comment over at the trail that inspired me :)