Shortly after stashing my bags at the guest house
and not two hours into my arrival in Scotland,
I went out for a walk and came across this ...
a most thought provoking sign.
Local residents would certainly have pegged me for a tourist
should any of them been watching as I maneuvered for a photo angle,
but I couldn't pass it up.
I was having one of those hairs-standing-on-end moments
about good things to come; as I stared up at that sign
I just knew I was in for a mighty special adventure.

How true that was !

Now, as seems to be my way,
I'm needing a bit of time to let everything percolate ...
I'm busy editing photos, gathering thoughts from memories & notes,
and spending some precious hours exploring new directions in handwork
while that fire burns bright.

I've posted a few images over on Instagram,
for now, a wee small taste
of my delightful journey to bonny Scotland.

Very soon, I'll have some tales to tell ...


  1. Welcome home! Take your time to recapture your past weeks and savor all the sweet memories. We'll be here when you're ready (and trying not to be too impatient *smile*).

  2. I totally understand the rumination of journeys taken. By speaking (or writing) it somehow becomes less than, less our own.
    +1 what Penny said ... with abated breath. xo

  3. Just back from taking a peek at your Instagram photos. Oh my. India's being (t)here class + Newburgh and Big Cat + the River Tay = complete bliss. I fell in love with Newburgh last August during Sandra's Brownlee's Tactile Notebooks class and have yearned to return ever since. That red row boat anchored in the Tay floats thru my dreams...and daydreams, truth be told. So happy that you got to experience it all. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  4. love the photos over in the Instagram space & look forward to seeing more about the changes that the workshop wrought

  5. I'm so glad you are home safe and well.... It was such a pleasure to meet you and be your creative neighbour in Newburgh. What an amazing week! What amazing people! I feel blessed to have met everyone. Keep in touch! x

  6. I am still percolating my trip to Scotland one year later. I hope to finish my book in August...life willing. Very much looking forward to hearing of your journey. Mine was very powerful. From Instagram, it looks as if you were there for a workshop? how wonderful...going to put on the proverbial kettle and settle down for some virtual travel...xo Susan

  7. your mood shines through your pictures....time to live memories!