Some sense of order when there really isn't any


Not being one who is predisposed to tidiness
this happens to be the entire tipsy stack of books
which I've read over the last year
[and maybe a bit beyond]
piled as I laid them,
or  [some]  not,
seen in complete disarray this afternoon.

This is a very graphic example of how my mind works.
True confession ...
such as it is.

Side story:
Recently, I found myself in need of an awl.
Not necessarily desirous of a new one
it came to my attention I might acquire one used ... not only for a lesser penny
but in the company of vintage needles tah boot.

Fond as I am of my grandmother's needle collection
these additions felt irresistible
for in this group were some larger eye sizes that I also happen to need,
of good quality, made in England
and which includes that delightfully historic Army and Navy Needle Book.

Here is the fine fella, Mr. Awl, now home to roost.  Still good & sharp
all that was required was a bit of cleaning on the wood handle.
I've left the heavy duty thread in place for the sake of posterity,
a reminder of tasks long past.

and about to be put to further good use
[although not on this work smock ... slow going with hand stitching here].

But returning now to my opening tale of order ....

In my last post I happened to arrange a collection of objects 
that capsulized in an image what "home" symbolizes for me.
To my great surprise, I found enormous pleasure in this kind of organization.


So in a similar vein, 
and because I find particular satisfaction in bringing this kind of 
order to things, here's another.  I daresay
 it might be quite some time before I'm similarly motivated
to produce order from the untidy stacks around the place.

: : :

My longtime blog friend, JJ Worden, left a swell link in her comment on my
last post ... she wrote:

"this reminds me a lot of an 'organized neatly' theme on tumblr
and is my head aesthetic though what comes out
looks nothing like it."

Love that.

Worth taking a long scroll over on that Tumblr theme  HERE
if this particular kind of  head aesthetic  appeals.


  1. but Christi.... I can't see the spines of the books!!! I did enjoy the post however :-)

    1. Those were them as they lay. Didn't seem quite fitting to turn them all around
      because in the process I would have made them

      [chuckling to myself ....]

  2. This is a wonderful post Christi. It has me thinking…….about order and awls……thanks for re-mentioning the tumbler site. THAT is addictive.

  3. Replies
    1. well yes, sounds like a fine alternative.
      We had one come down the chimney once ...
      had the worst breath of any creature I've ever smelled.
      Wouldn't have that problem with an Awl.

  4. Loved this post!!! Methinks it would be great fun to create organizations in such a way. Hmmm!

    1. Go on. Do it.
      I know you've got **collections** ... [big grin]

  5. I'm not know for my tidiness either, but would love to have everything organized. Thing is I'm a visual person, so I want to see everything. I am drawn to photos of things grouped together, but where would I lay them all out?

    1. HA, Susan, takes so little space - you'd be surprised!
      The little groups I arranged were each only about 10 inches square.

  6. funny. I have a willynilly stack of read books too. and I AM an organizational freak. my brain goes whirlysquirrely if too many things are in random places. and probably why I love love love the photographs of things neatly organized. yours are as good as any I've seen. and don't you just love old tools? such character. such spirit. and thanks for the shout out though I'm not sure my neuroses are worthy of such attention. and that is all. xo

    1. ... more than worthy, Jen ;>]] am always learning from you.

  7. Replies
    1. It's seen soooo many hands, Mo, the feel of the handle is fine ... nicely oiled by all
      the previous use. Smooooooth. Wish it could tell me everything it's stitched.

  8. always a visual treat here! yeah, and about that awl... how cool is that thread coiling area?!!

    1. Being unfamiliar with such tools, it was difficult to imagine when I ordered it just how it would work.
      So incredibly useful, that threading regime and I'm going to give it a go on some scrap leather
      I've had knocking about, see how it fares.