Six weeks, ten boats, and Studio Room 222 ...


Traveling with good companions makes for a joyful time
along the road so when I decided on an impromptu road trip to Portland,
I included two very friendly books [seeing as how the Fluffy One could not come along, alas].

One book for inspiration ...

World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down ... 
which I first learned of  HERE  and proved perfect
for rest stops & ferry rides.   The other book was pure entertainment,
a downloadable Audio.  Where'd you go, Bernadette  did manage to keep me
thoroughly awake for many a driving hour
and I'm convinced this is a valuable way to [safely] travel solo.

I was looking forward to my first visit to the Oregon College of Art + Craft.
With a kindred name to my alma mater in CA, I suspected an environs lit up with
creativity and dedicated study, just like my old stomping grounds.
Although this time, I did have a very different purpose in mind.

Indigo-dyed shirt remnants

land-bound porcelain boats
were what I'd come to see ...
amongst other things.

My friend, India Flint, just completed a six-week Artist in Residence at OCAC
and decided to hold an *open house.*
Not wishing to pass up a possibly unreapeatable opportunity,
and knowing that soon she would be departing our western shores to head home
after three long months away, 
well ...  let's just say I can pack like a whirling dervish when needs demand.

In short,
there was no way I was not going to say "Three Cheers!" in person
and have a little look-see.

Here is what awaited in Studio Room 222 ...

dust coat left, wind songs [folded paper] right ~
India's poem, stellata, below

~ stitching detail, from dustcoat ~

~ blue angel, left ... hummingbird, right ~

I was quite taken with these magical frocks ... utterly sublime
and mysterious in their fragile way.
Completely stitched by hand, one could spend hours examining all the
folds and gathers.
These beauties [and others] are destined for an ancient castle high on a hill ...
with Sally Stafford [painter, UK]

oh, to be a fly on those stone walls ...

~ detail, from blue angel dress ~

*** Side note:  should you wish to see more of India's dresses
there's a stunning array [and more] over at
Church Boutique  in Los Angeles ...
website page is HERE

~ sweet dreams ~
porcelain boats

Laid on a table, nine bisque-fired boats.  A fine story
must be developing here ...

~ detail, from sweet dreams ~

The studio being a bit small, filled as it was with all the lovelies,
India sat out in the hall, greeting visitors
and stitching on a lapful of indigo ...

I shall never tire of watching those hands work.

~ detail, notebook installation ~

~ notebook ~

unfinished blues ~

~ unfinished blues, alternate view ~

~ detail, from unfinished blues ~

~ detail, from unfinished blues ~

~ detail, from unfinished blues ~

: : :

The practicing artist is, by definition, someone who is able
to build a life around his or her own creative work.
Inevitably, such a person will have considered his or her
attitude to time.  What matters is not how much they actually have,
but how best to inhabit it and make it spacious:
how to allow room in which attention can take root.
Such choices are important for all of us, whatever we are
trying to create.
The philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote of a "timeless region ...
lying beyond human clocks and calendars altogether."
It is a place that many of us have sought in vain, a place
of patience and apprenticeship, and, finally, of creativity,
a "small non-time space in the very heart of time."

by Christian McEwen

: : :

A mere six weeks and ten boats later, studio Room 222 was filled floor-to-ceiling
with new, inspired work ... all because textile artist, India Flint,
was given the gift of time.


  1. thank you Christi
    for being my friend
    for coming all that way
    [a L _ O _ N _ G trip, especially without the company of Her Furriness]
    and for making such beautiful pictures of my work

    1. Dear India ~ not such a long way in the grand scheme of things ... in my book of friendship at least. The *whirled* is huge and you are mostly somewhere else from here. How ... ever ... might I see such a "hummingbird" on a wall?

      I did not realize when I first wrote this post that so many other folks might welcome photos of your creative work in Portland. So I'm doubly grateful that you kindly indulged my picture-taking obsession. What a joy to make a record of time ...

      HF would surely approve, as she is so fond as you know.

  2. A lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  3. oh. my. lordy christi --- I'm crushing on this blog post big time..... everything from blue cloth to orange doors (orange doors are goooooooooooood!) to boating, stitching, witchery fineness...... its a big cool drink of sweet gorgeousness

    thanks for going and bringing it all to us xxx

  4. thanks Christi, for assembling this post. I wasnt able to make it to the "open house"...your pictures help me feel a little less sad about missing out ;~)

  5. Oh my gosh (((Christi))) your photos of India & her work are totally sublime, inspiring and hold the "muchness"' big time.... thank you!

  6. i feel a (little) bit like i was there, visiting, or in "fly on the wall" mode, thanks to your lovely post, christi. it appears that india was well inspired with time and space…and flying fingers. thank you.

  7. Thank you so much for those tantalizing photos of India and her work. Every little thing that passes through her hands is beautiful beyond measure.

  8. Christy you are gifted........your foto's give the most beautiful atmosphere. Indias work is incridible beautiful and your foto\s double it.........

  9. rich beyond measure

  10. thank you for sharing your visit with us, Christy. What a great opportunity and inspiration. So glad you were able to jump on the highway and catch up with India again before she departed for home.
    Lots of love, sus

  11. Dear Christi, first, let me say that I ADORE your photography. Second, thank you a million times over for showing us what Ms.Flint has been up to. Yesh, she does share on her blog, but wow-wee Christi…I'm savoring your point of view.Those blossoming blue dresses are akin to being moonstruck by their glory. And then for sharing the World Enough & Time. perfecto.

  12. An amazing photo journey, Christi. You are blessed with both talent of your own and the ability to capture India's. You are both fortunate. Nice.

  13. thank you christi ! love seeing india's new work . great blog ,

  14. Came to visit your blog for a second (and definitely not last ) time through a post on India's Facebook site. I've already loved your photos of the Juan Island Workshop that India held earlier this year - but these photos are awesome!
    If Portland wasn't an ocean and a continent away from my place...I would have packed like a derwish too! And apart from India's residency: Portland is such a wonderful place to be.
    Thanks for the magnificant pictures. Would you sell or send some by the way?

  15. thank you for sharing, lovely fotos and of course indias work

  16. Christi, thank you SO much for posting this! I've been away on the other side of the continent and so curious about the showing...such beautiful work, such terrific photos and splendid portraits of India and her busy hands!

  17. Thank you for sharing, I love India's work, a beautiful portrait of her which shows all her loveliness inside and out, such clear and beautiful photos.

  18. Dear Christi,
    I love LOVE your photos and thanks for sharing India's wonderful work on your blog. You are so lucky to be her friend....I am truly happy for you. Blessings

  19. A delicious peek into Room 222. Beautiful photos! Thank you Sweetpea. Enjoyed the stunning array at Church Boutique too.

  20. This is a posting I shall go back to over and over again. Your words, Christian McEwen's words (must get that book) and the lovely, lovely work on display. Heaven!!!

  21. oh how tactile!
    oh how you tease ... my fingers itchy to touch, to feel.
    because of you ... I have given myself the gift of India's book, waiting for my birthday to tuck into and become immersed in the world of cloth.

    how in goodness did you survive without your furbabies?!? ;)

  22. Thank you, thank you, oh my goodness thank you for this outpouring of heartfelt comments. I had no idea.

  23. This is my 4th or 5th visit to this post, yet the only comment. Each time your wonderful photos sidetracked me. You've captured India and her work wonderfully. Thank you for sharing!

  24. your photos are exquisite, Christi... thank you for framing, capturing, and sharing such compelling work with your eye! and the quote about creating spaciousness seems to be very much what I need to think about right now. dee mallon

  25. A wonderful post, thank you. India's work is so inspiring, I would love to make clothes like that.