Texture Tuesday ... sky diving


I spend so much time these days playing with special effects produced on my phone apps,
I'd almost forgotten how to add a texture to a  real  photo in PSE ...
well, not exactly, although I did feel mighty rusty.
Working on this photo brought up some interesting questions
mainly centered around my intentions:
what feeling am I after,
is there a certain mood I'm trying to convey?

I don't take the time to ask such things when I'm apping (I think that's a word). 
It's all swiping my finger this way & that, or clickclickclick until, 
"oooh, that looks cool," pops into my head.
Random.  Spontaneous.  Completely, utterly freeing.
It's the difference in approach, I suppose.  With phone apps it's all  PLAY  for me 
... sometimes serious play, but quite, quite different from opening PSE
and making  *on purpose*  choices.

None of this will make much sense for those not bitten by the app bug [yet],
but I'm intrigued by these differences.
It might take some more sky diving by the pond to figure this one out.


Where I started from ... straight out of camera

Linking up with the gang over at Kim Klassen's place for the 
Today's recipe:
DSLR color photo taken into Snapseed (for desktop), turned into b/w,
added vintage sepia layer; desaturated, lightened & adjusted levels in PSE;
added Kim's texture, paperstained music; desaturated color, adjusted contrast,
& erased all the texture except the bottom third;
added back a touch of yellow.


  1. I don't have a phone so no apps for me.
    ps died on my computer so I've had to resort to online photo editing. which'er kinda appish I think.

    so I get it.
    play vs "real".
    ethereal vs ..erm.. solid.

    it always gets down to our own perception.
    but ever so fascinating, don't you think, what we choose to believe as real vs fanciful?!

    1. Silly word, "real." Of course it's ALL real. I guess part of my point was to poke fun at myself: why do I label it one way or the other anyway? Is painting more real when it's done in oil vs. watercolor???

    2. ironically there's a local lady who indeed believes that "real art"=watercolour. a friend of my mother's she always comments on 2 paintings she has of mine, "why doesn't jennifer do w/c again? she was so good at it." read: stop doing that silly OTHER non-art stuff and get back to the real thing. heh.

      real vs play. art vs Art. oh the places we could go with THAT discussion! ;)

  2. A beautiful photo!

    I got a bit consumed by photo apps and making things look moody on Instagram -then ended up preferring the regular colors after a while.
    It really is such fun.
    I love your experiments.
    It's also quite fun playing with Hipstamatic lenses....

    1. The doggies are especially fun taken with Hipsta, right Elizabeth?! I like the *shake it* option so random combos happen - positively wild, what can occur with no planning. But I know just what you mean about leaning towards regular colors after a while ... it's a bit like having too much stimulus & needing to get back to calm.

  3. Phone apps are so easy to work with that it is almost dangerous:) Beautiful picture.

    1. Definitely dangerous, Henrietta.
      Many thanks!

  4. I play on the apps while waiting in doctors offices etc. and I agree just randomly pushing sliders until 'yes' enters the mind. Love playing in Snapseed and this is a marvellous editing job.

    1. Thanks for the kind words & for popping over from Kim's crowd ~ my, my, isn't there some GREAT stuff happening over there? I am so inspired viewing everyone's choices. I'm constantly amazed about how individual we all are ...

  5. Replies
    1. Singing, "I've looked at ponds from both sides now ..."
      Sorry. Couldn't resist that little ditty! ;>D

  6. My phone is the old fashioned flip top - does nothing but connect me with the outside world when I need it to (which isn't often) *smile*. So I'm not up on aps - but I love what you do with it. And PLAY an all important word!!!

    1. ... and I rarely use the phone part of it, Penny. There's no cell phone reception (or very little/infrequent) where I live so I only use it when I'm off-island, and even then, hardly ever. But the little camera seems to stay quite busy ;>]]

  7. Fantastic shot. By Sky Diving by the pond, I assume you are taking the reflection of the trees and sky in the surface of the pond. The image looks great upside down, too. Very nice.


    1. Yes, Earl, that is it exactly ... just a play on words. I was actually standing up on a rock when I took this shot & angled the camera to shoot down & out across the pond. I loved that feeling of "falling into the sky." Many thanks for visiting!

  8. Whew. My head is spinning. I'm not sure it's for me yet, but it sure is for you! It is all about the process. OK, well not ALL about it, but you know.....it's like making a print or a painting. And it's fun. Thank you for sharing so those of us who dare can stick a toe in the water.

  9. The phone ap is all Greek to me, but I've totally enjoyed seeing what you do with it. Serious play... good phrase for it... Down to business play, clickclickclick, like an internet gamester, focused and happy.