Explosions of white


On an otherwise calm & peaceful morning,
while the foghorn lowed in the distance
and I began the slow process of shaking off the mantle of sleep,

this was happening in the garden ...

and this.

Until this morning, I hadn't considered that  *white*  could be 


but it's all a matter of context really.  Like a lot of my presumptions about this color  [non-color?]
my thoughts are are not what they used to be.

The ribes is called 'White Icicles' and the evergreen clematis is 'Snowdrift,' 
classic naming examples by plant breeders who know how to capitalize 
on a species' horticultural assets and encourage us to buy their plants when they are not in bloom.

Anticipation is a beautiful thing.


  1. Hi Christi, popped over from What If? I love "riotous white." And that gate, under the arbor. More of that, please!

  2. I have had three all white gardens...hated to leave them behind, as it is no small feat to create.
    The clematis 'Snowdrift' or as we have always known them 'Autumn Clematis' was always one of our show pieces. Just down the street from where we live now is an 'Autumn Clematis' growing in wild abandon...I just love that.

    Your photos are spectacular, as always.

  3. PS they are not blooming at the moment...they will in the autumn :)

  4. White is supposed to be ALL the colors together, black the absence of color. I do love your photos. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh such beauty to greet your early morning rising. I wanted to pop right over for a walk in the garden - in the quiet morning hours.

  6. What a glorious riot of white you have happening in your garden!

  7. so beautiful, and presented beautifully as well.

  8. Two great plants that don't perform for us in our wind-frost-heat blasted steppe! But fun to catch a glimpse of them on your magical isle...

    Hope the landslides are FAR away from you (I suspect a lot of your fans thought the same thing watching the news the last few days). Sounds like you've had some rain!

  9. Oh my, Christi, what beauty nature gives ....
    (though hére we still have to wait till the cold wants to go away:
    2 to 3 weeks late is the season already ....)

  10. Hi, Christi. Came over from Jude's Diaries. Beautiful photo and i just LUV that gate!
    best, nadia

  11. Poetry in words and visuals. Gorgeous.

  12. Those are stunning plants - I'm a sucker for anything with an evocative name and a lovely image.


  13. I'm excited to have found your work!

  14. Beautiful explosion of white!.... and I have my eye on the gate.

  15. These are so beautiful! I just noticed today that the magnolias are popping open.

  16. whew.
    Such a lot of lovely comments here and I have fallen dreadfully behind with responding ~ my apologies. I usually prefer to answer back one-by-one as messages arrive ... as with all good plans, they don't always come to fruition. So repeating what I did in my previous post, I will send a very heartfelt "Thank You" to each you for stopping by & jotting down your kind words. I so appreciate them! And to new visitors, a huge WELCOME. And to my What-If *ragmates,* ain't this circle grand?!?

    As for that *gate* ... it was a logical, yet whimsical solution for a path needing blockage from the local deer and seeing as how our beaches are strewn with an abundance of driftwood, piles came home in the jeep & ended up as gates. It does look "hobbit"-like looking at it here, but it is wide enough for a big wheelbarrow. Back in the building days, at the same time the fence guys were here, I happened to break my very favorite grandfather's shovel. So the most special thing about that gate ~ for me ~ is that we used the wooden handle of the shovel as the sliding lever that opens the gate.