Night self ...


It is cold.
Dark early.

Searching for light becomes exceedingly important, but it can also lead
to looking hard ... 
intently ...
at things I might not otherwise make time for.

Slowing down.
Opening my eyes.

Time again for December views ... and the opportunity to join a  q.u.i.e.t.  get-together
with others who love to make images,
especially appealing considering the time of year ...
a photo challenge of the very best kind.

Many thanks to hippy urban girl for being a gracious hostess.
She writes, "The idea is to take away the stress of having just one more thing to do during
the holiday season and to sink in and be with what is in front of you, the beauty you see,
the lush imagery that seems to explode in the darkness of this time of year.  That said,
there are no rules and though the idea is to blog images every day, that is not the intention ~
rather the intention is to allow yourself to enjoy the quiet, to allow a month of no stress creativity
and to share a bit of your world with others in a completely different way than you usually do."

Although these days it's not unusual
to find a phone[camera] in my pocket,
nothing could be more unusual than for me to post a self-portrait.

All are welcome & you can join in anytime in December ...

See ya 'round?


  1. Looks like a nice warm, soft scarf around your neck. Perfect for days like this. I love this time of the year -- its my time to hibernate in my studio - letting my mind and imagination go with no time constraints. Staying warm, sipping tea, creating - what more could a girl want.

    1. Penny, you are my lone commenter ;>]] thank you. Yes, this scarf was knitted by a friend and is very fluffy & cosy. Although I've altered the photo, the scarf is what is actually *purple*, HA! I've been stitching up a storm myself...no proper studio like you, but a dedicated corner (think you've seen my mess pile!), staying warm and enjoying beadwork & threads once again. Cheers, friend!

  2. Excellent self portrait! Light on your face, light from within. Love the scarf!