Not just another toe walker ...


... hanging eight,
he's speedier than the dickens.


Mission accomplished.
This might also be called, chickadee-as-Ferrari.

Fooling around with mirror images ~
must be all the gray days making me positively loopy,
playing tricks with my imagination.
I used to live in San Francisco. Several days a week
I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge for work.
Can I help it if I see
commuter chickadees zooming through the bridge girders?

Life in the fast lane
when you weigh two ounces. 

Gee, aren't you glad you stopped by here today  ;>]]

: : :

For a fascinating look at some other digitigrades (toe walkers), sole movers, and toenail travelers
click HERE.


  1. Two totally amazing photos of one totally amazing bird! Next... your link!

    1. I know that link was geared towards school kids, but I thought the info was extraordinary. If I ever learned that stuff in school I surely don't remember it. Glad you enjoyed it too, dear Robin!

  2. I have a soft spot for chickadees. The poor things have to work so hard for their food. Unlike the blue jays who stuff their faces full of seeds before flying off sending half the feeder contents everywhere.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas ...Yule... Festivus ... whatever, Miss Sweetpea and an even sweeter New Year. xo

    1. Don't feel too bad for those chickadees, jen, at least not around this area. After they pork down 2 or 3 whole sunflower seeds for themselves, they then do the hunter-gatherer thing and pick them up only to fly off with them & stash them in trees! No joke. I've watched them do this numerous times. They'll even stuff the sseeds into the LICHEN hanging off the trees!

      ...and I sure hope YOUR New Year is pretty dang sweet as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Well my goodness, CG, it's been absolutely ages since I've seen you 'round these parts! If I'd known I could have drawn you back with the tweeters, I would have posted some long ago [wink wink]. I visit your blog religiously & LUV the flying wonders you capture (as you know). Thank you so much for the kind words. Wishing you great *soaring* in the New Year!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. If only more of us could fly so quickly and so adeptly!! By the way I'm ALWAYS glad I stop by here!!!