Weaving a tideline


Today I constructed a makeshift loom
done the old way from things at  hand:
a basket ~ just the right size, long and narrow ~ and a warp of leftover jute
from the bean trellis.

I first wrote about this simple style of loom-making back HERE,
with gratitude for learning.

The next ingredient: castoffs from the scrap pile, stuffed in a holdall where every leftover bit 
from every project I've ever sewn resides in one big chaotic jumble.
Seams.  Refuse.  Hemlines.  Offcuts.  Selvage.  Lots and lots of fray.
Flotsam and jetsam of the textile variety.

I need to create a tideline for some completely ordinary stones
that are in the process of becoming
something else entirely.
You see, one thing led to another after my earlier  *choosing of the stones*  with dawg.
Stones came home with us.  They sat on the kitchen counter.  Then they sat on the bed.
And before you ask, no, they did not start to talk to me  ;>]
But something was brewing ...

an idea, another story on cloth,
carried by the weight of stones and the glint of thousands of tiny beads ...
somewhat autobiographical ... the only way I seem to be able to stitch a tale these days.

No matter how sidetracked I become (all the naturally dyed fabric I can't seem to stop churning out ... 
so beautiful in it's own right, but will it sit folded on a shelf for eternity?) I always come back to 
my one main truth ...
whether woven or boro-ed, appliqued, pieced or patched, 
textiles are the landscapes where my beadwork will live.

: : :

I'm inspired today by this video, sent by Barb from our merry band of dyers (thank you!)
It's for all us who haven't been satisfied with our creative work at one time or another ...
or now ...


  1. Stones + weaving + beads = a story yet untold

    What a wonderful art math equation that is! Can't wait to see the story you've got to tell.

    1. I don't know quite where I'm going with this yet, Jennifer...but I'm just going. I'm learning a lot about just trusting the process and proceeding on faith. Onward!

  2. As always, beautiful words and pictures..leading to a smile, a sigh or two and much appreciation for your work.

  3. simple things are easy to understand. that is what i like. thanks for the shout out. xx

  4. bits and pieces
    scraps of history
    woven together
    and who knows
    what ancient stories
    are told by the stones
    beading is the ink
    that holds it all together
    embellishing the historyscape
    with songs from your heart

    1. ....ancient stories told by the stones...like that thought very much, Robin!
      And beads seem to hold quite a lot together, in more ways than one ;>]]

  5. I LOVE YOU ( strange reaction I know but that's what I feel just now)

    1. I accept your sentiment with my whole heart, yvette.

  6. I love that basket - loom. So so simple and powerful.

    And the video it rocked me. So so simple and true.


    1. Greetings, Judy ~ I have learned a great many "simple and powerful" techniques from jude....she deserves all the credit for this, right down to saving every scrap. And I was rocked by that video, too. The best teachers show us what's possible by pulling the veils away from our preconceived ideas, don't you think?

      Lovely to have you stop by!

  7. What beautiful images and colours in this post and at the other side of the spectrum in the post about Thom Atkins. Just glorious!

    1. Thank you so much, Robyn...they are opposite ends of the spectrum, aren't they?!

  8. This is all so gorgeous...and I love how it all connects and flows together. I've loved that video for awhile too.

    1. This was the first time I'd encountered that video...I'd like to watch the whole episode this was taken from, so inspiring! So accurate. Good words to have around as reminders. Thanks for the kind words, Deb.

  9. Tidelines...
    they are spectacular Christi!
    And deeply satisfying ... working as a whole as they do!
    Loved hearing your thoughts today... your words a tributary for the river in flood!

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