Texture Tuesday...heat


We have been bathed in heat.
The grass has, at last, stopped growing ... bye bye, miz mower machine, enjoy your vacay.

 One thing is certain ... the beans have loved the heat.
Remember that trellis I built?   It's all but disappeared beneath beanie leafage ...

it's a proverbial jungle out there.

This was the just the kind of heat we needed for bundle drying a couple weeks back ...
dry heat to prevent mildew.

they were banished to the warming drawer in the kitchen (not an optimal choice).
We do what we must do, taught as we are to scorn the black, spotty stuff.
Oddly, it does create some interesting marks ...
I'll show you everything in my next post.


In the meantime, I've been lying underneath some whirling blades

reading the most stupendously marvelous book.
You know you've found an all-absorbing tale when thoughts of it follow you throughout the day,
willing you, enticing you, to read     one     more     page.
Ahab's Wife, by Sena Jeter Naslund, has wrapped me in its watery spell.
Woven in and out and around the sea for 704 pages, it is nothing short of masterful.

My sweet companion ~ who neither swims, nor reads ~ finds other ways to stay cool

and claims the last shady spot nearest the pond.
Must keep a lookout, you see, should any wayward duck decide to land in HER territory.

On another trellis the sweet peas are running riot, but they won't last much longer ...
they are ephemeral beauties, not fond of heat
so I enjoy every moment I have with them.

They are, after all, my namesake and the reason I came to write this blog in the first place.

: : :

Linking up this week for another Texture Tuesday over at Kim's place.
Our challenge?  Anything goes ...
so I went for it:  texturizing layers of grunge, blurs & special effects using the Snapseed app.
Mosey on over and see what the rest of the crowd got up to ... so much inspiration!


  1. We are all talking about the weather...the heat. Our garden is flourishing. We continue to water and keep new water in the pond to keep the fish happy. I weeded the garden, but found the weeds were protecting the flowers from the heat. Go figure. The dawg is sticking to the room with the coolest air conditioner and still he breathes hard...he's not healthy and the heat takes its tole.

    Love your pictures..as always.
    xx, Carol

    1. All the best to your doggy, Carol...don't you wish they could hang up their fur coats when it's blistering???
      My weeds were doing the same thing so I left some of them. Best excuse for *not* weeding that I've had in a long time.

  2. Been too hot here all summer. And the dogs do head for the cool, dark places as well. Your images are beauteous.

    1. I've been reading about your heat, Nancy, yoikes. After living through two summers in Boston, I know well that living-under-a-hot-wet-blanket syndrome. I wilt and am completely useless. Wish I'd known then to *think like a dog* ;>]]

  3. love, love, love your garden/yard... all images are wonderous - especially love the shot of your soulmutt looking like she thinks she's the focus of the beanie leafage shot:) and thanks much for all your comments on my posts

    1. Becky, you made me giggle out loud ~ she ALWAYS IS the focus of ANY shot she's in! I bet you find the same with your two. And I luv your blog & enjoy visiting over there. See ya 'round!

  4. Ahh I must get "Ahab's Wife" sounds like a delicious read. Perhaps better purchased than borrowed from the library - with over 700 pages!

    1. haha, Penny, that is exactly what I decided when I first learned how loooooong the tale was...bought mine for one penny on Amazon + the $3.99 for shipping. But very glad I did, since now I'm progressing through it at my leisure with no pressure to return by a due date. If you do read it, please let me know your thoughts, ok?

  5. Wonderful photos. Your garden looks luscious.I adore sweet peas...and the sweet pea flowers. When I was in college in London, I used to buy a bouquet every week when they were in season.
    I was thinking of taking 'Ahab's Wife' with me on my up coming trip...I think I will select a smaller and lighter book...any suggestions?

    1. goodness Mo'a, I have no clue what to suggest. Book choice is such a personal matter, after all. My 1st reaction was to reply, "take Ahab's Wife anyway, even tho it's big, even tho it's long...you will not regret it!". So I guess that must be my true answer ;>]]
      Have a lovely & safe trip.

  6. Ahab's Wife is one of my absolute favorite books. I read it several years ago and it's so beautifully written that the images have stayed with me for a long time. And the story...beautiful and sad and true. We were puddles here last weekend, the dogs and I, not looking forward to mid week when it's supposed to get hot again...

    1. It's been quite some time since I've read a book this loooong. I hate starting books (with promise) that by page fifty, leave me cold. So disappointing. But I, like you, Deb, will have images from this tale stay with me. I am nearing the end now, savoring every page, going slow so it doesn't end too quickly. Planning to read another biographical fiction by the same author next: 'Abundance'. A tale about Marie Antoinette. I like to do this with authors when I find one who so totally captures my imagination.

      Yes, more big heat coming. We'll all head for shade. Good for the beans, tho!

  7. What a beautiful blog. Love your photos. I have a sheltie and he doesn't swim either :-)
    New follower here from Ontario, Canada.

    1. WELCOME, Deb, how loudly can I proclaim my pleasure that you took a few moments to say, HI?! I can hardly believe that I would even have ten followers here on The Path, much less 205...you are so sweet. I popped over to your blog and am envious about your cat-dom! We can't have cats at our house as the Mister is allergic, but we both love them and would have a menagerie if it was possible. Kudos to you for turning a love into a *profession* and your Kane is adorable - he appears tall for a sheltie, yes? Life would be so empty without our furry friends...

      Thank you for your visit. I'll see you 'round!

  8. Ahab's wife has been on my shelf for over a year. I'm in need of a book so I think that will be the one, thanks to you. Your garden is gorgeous as is all your playing with filters...always a joy to come here. xo Susan

    1. Susan, you will not be disappointed! But be prepared for a book you will barely be able to set down! Grabbed me hook, line & sinker and because it is based almost entirely around the eastern seaboard, it is a most perfect book for a summer read. Hope you'll let me know what you think of it. Thanks for your sweet words ;>]]