My springtime salmagundi...


Over the weekend, on & off, I muddled around in an attempt to put a new post together.
But it was useless ... a little of this, a little of that, nothing was gelling ... you know how that is.
And now it's Monday and I still have no *plot*... so guess what?  There won't be one.
Blame it on spring ... thoughts like weeds, all over the place.

I like what it says on the steering wheel of my jeep:


... the phone app made the view look like a vintage cyanotype ... love that.

For those of the knitting persuasion, likely to swoon over improvised stitches, here's
a tutorial (and video) for Five Stitches Cast On with Twist ...
the author states she had a "zen moment."
Must try this with a bead placed on each ellipse, I'm thinking.

I do a lot of that at the kitchen sink ... thinking, that is.
That's where I spied the first hummingbird of the season, out on this floriferous lovely ...

usually I hear the hummers first and spot them later, but not this year.
Ribes 'White Icicle' ... irresistible.

Also irresistible.  To some.
Amazing where spring color can pop up.  I think those gals who work at Ana-Cross Stitch
have way too much fun at their job.  Earlier in the year this pole in front of their shop was wearing blue.
Paid to YARN BOMB?!?  oh yeah.
When you think about it, what better free advertising for a yarn & stitch store?
Click here for an entertaining collection of yarn graffiti ...
scroll down to the military tank covered in pink, my fave.
Some think of it as, "improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time."
I'm fine with that.

Trying my own hand at some stitched shibori.  For this one, mokume (woodgrain effect).
I haven't a clue what I'm doing yet ...
just following the pictorial how-to trails through the internet and spending time
with like-minded gals to work on our stitching projects together.

To be followed by glorious messes with dye baths!

I'll be swearing off the chemicals and may be flying solo in our group in my determination to
use natural dyes.  Maybe one or two will eventually join me.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for some WOW factor results (to better coerce them).

While following those internet pictures I was sent the link to Mieko Mintz
and her exquisite kantha work.  Do be prepared for swooning.

Shall I add some cherry blossoms to this potpourri post ... for the young trees by
the railroad station in Anacortes were glorious in their pink petticoats.

The sun has come out and now it's time for walking with you-know-who...


  1. wonderful images. only natural dyeing done here and i love it. need to go back to doing some shibori.

    1. It's the only thing that feels right anymore, Deanna...and I'm loving all the stitches needed for shibori :>]]

  2. For someone who was having trouble posting. . .may I be so blessed with this affliction. Very interesting and beautiful post.
    I love Shibori!

    1. Gosh, thanks for that! decided to just *ride the wave,* see what might happen.
      Not my comfort zone - but then, a lot isn't these daze....

  3. Wow! Wow! And Wow!

    I am captivated by the image showing your shibori preparation. For me, it already works, just as it is! There's something about that velvet green background and the rose colored stitches that just melts my heart. Any ideas what color you're going to go with in the dye stage? Amazing post as always! :) Hugs

    1. dunno yet, Catherine...may not decide until the very last moment (dye day is end of May). I froze quite a bit
      of leafage & petals from the garden last year - now quietly "on ice" - so options await :>]]
      Maybe some shibori is in your future...??? Thanks for the sweet comment.

  4. 1. I love potpourri posts ...
    2. you used the word "salmagundi"! I. am. stoked! Years ago I hosted a website based on first person narrative story-telling. I wanted to call it salmagundi. the dotcom was taken. so I switched to "olio". a kismet word choice!
    3. I hate cellphones. hate i-anything even more. but these phone apps are makin' me nutso! will have to chase down an action that does the same. uhm. swoon!
    4. your shibori mokume photo reminds me of Ruth's dress (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ruthrae/7059811639/in/photostream) ... they both make me swoon. I have to steel myself against cloth. and stitching. and dyes. a whole other place that I may have to go. but not this day. ;)
    5.Ribes white icicle ... ornamental? (ribes is currant yes?)
    6. okay. I'm done.
    7. I think...

    1. 1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      2. definitely kismet.
      3. hope you got my email with a wee linkie?!
      4. one of the most AHHHmazing dresses ever!!!!
      5. yes, called "flowering currant" a tough-as-old-boots kinda plant. Blooms earlier than the pink & red forms. It's one of four varieties in my garden, I adore it. Hardy to zone 6, so unless you're 5 where you are, you should be able to grow this. Can't recommend it enough. It was chosen as a 'Great Plant Pick' out here: http://www.greatplantpicks.org/plantlists/view/1342
      6. ahh, do ya have tah be??? More is welcome!
      7. ok.

    2. 1. to add... potpourri posts are often more stream of consciousness like an easy over tea (or in my case coffee ... lots and lots of coffee!) conversation flitting here and there never resting anywhere long enough to get bogged down. or intense. not that there's anything wrong with intense. it's just sometimes "light" is right.

      2. sometimes I visit the wayback machine to just to re-read olio pretending I've never been there before. it would be a very portent time in my life.

      3. I DID. And I've fallen down THAT sinkhole before. lol I never got the sort of look you achieved though so I'm gonna have to revisit.

      4. yah. pretty cool huh?! it makes me want to pick up my needle'n'thread and have at her. must. resist.

      5. Delish! I'm in a major garden re-do. As in ripping out 15 year old plantings and essentially starting from scratch. Exciting. But tedious as well. I don't understand why starting brand new seems easier than RE-doing?!

      6. Well. I guess I wasn't.

      7. But I might be now. ;)

    3. Think I shall pop over to that *wayback machine* and have myself a little historical peek [wink].

  5. Sometimes I'm so in awe of your creativity, I don't even know what to say... photographer, knitter, spotter of beauty, stitching, word play... all touching my heart...

    And, I've been checking out your copyright/signature lines on your photos... Very, very good... often hard to spot, always blending and unobtrusive. Bravo!