Texture Tuesday...the view from here


Rot...it happens to the best of us.
That  was  going to be the title of this post, but I didn't want to go all negative on you.
There are days...and today was one of them...I wish I was the writer of one of those "feel good" blogs...
you know the kind I mean,
the ones you can always count on to be upbeat & positive...leave you feeling glad you visited.

I'm really laying out the welcome mat for you now, aren't I?
Don't mind me.
I'm kinda sick of gray.

Grabbed the camera
& wandered out with my bestie today.  We have some favorite haunts around the island that we visit regularly.
She never cares which one we're headed to...soon as that leash comes out, she's so
upbeat & positive
we could walk to the carport and back and her tail would still be wagging.

Someone's got to have the sunny disposition around here.

Anyway, the *Beyonders* are working on black & whites over at Kim's place and as it happens,
the challenge this week for Texture Tuesday is b&w... I knew
where I could find some grotty subjects...
nothing like a falling down, derelict dock

and an old rotten boat to....
oh you know what I mean.

I'll tell you what little bit of gray I am NOT sick of...

with a gluten-free setting.
The delicious bread from this recipe is manna from heaven...

oh joy, oh joy.

A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do,
don't you agree?

: : : 

Many thanks to Kim Klassen for supplying such fab FREE textures...the dock has
two layers of 'Madlove'...the boat, two layers of 'Faved'.... 


  1. I finally figured out blogger tonight and low and behold I find that you have a new post. Yippee for me. You take beautiful pictures, Christi. Even when the blahs are pressing in. I hope your "bestie" lifted your spirits. Oh, and the aromas of fresh baked bread wafting from that lovely bread maker.

    1. Hoooray, M! So very pleased you stopped by. Now you get to hear even more of my blahblahblah's...ain't you lucky?!

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  3. had to repost this...a typo in the punch line totally blew it. Here's what I wrote with correction.

    Well, bread should lift you up.
    So you need a lift, huh. Well

    How do you catch a unique rabbit?

    You neek up on him!!!

    Are you smilin'?
    You need some sun art. you know...sun faces like CBS News on Sunday mornings.
    xx, Carol

    1. Carol, you are crackin' me up!
      And I think I'd better turn on the CBS news this Sunday....geesh...more gray today....may get reeeeaaaaal cranky :>/
      Thanks much for the *lift* tho!

  4. so you'll prolly wanna hit me when our 10-day forecast is all sun. sun. sun. huh?
    think of it as pay back for all those winters my sister would talk about daffodils in February. and fresh greens from her garden in april. :P

    love that you left that itty bitty blue strip in the rot. blue lining perhaps?

    1. Ok, consider yourself whalloped.
      Payback sucks. And about now, I'll take ANY color of lining other than silver/GRAY!
      Just came from your latest post. Whew. Will be digesting that one for a short while...

  5. I feel your angst. It is gray on the east side as well. No rain, much to my chagrin, but gray and blowing dust. Even the goldfinches are between buff and golden yellow. I never realized how much gray they had as they transitionto golden yellow. I think we all need a huge helping of sunshine! I love the photo of the boat - great lines and textures. I am going to go out and get some sunshine - yellow daffodils and perhaps some yellow and orange fabric and paints?

    1. Fine word is angst, pretty much sums it up...and lawrdie, it's a restlessness as well.
      Did you immerse yourself in yellows & oranges today? I had a mad daydream about writing a post filled with YELLOW paintings found on the internet. May do that yet. Let's see how desperate I get ;>}}
      The daffodils are barely opening around here.

  6. Come on down and visit mine then, lots of colour. Seriously tho, the gray could get one down, it's like that in Hobart towards the end of Winter. The breadmaker sounds delicious, i'm trying to convince myself to start making sourdough again, the long way.

    1. Yay, it worked!! no ridiculous word verifications. THANKYOU!

    2. I did it for you, dear Kaite ;>}}
      And right about now, I'd plunk down about a million bucks to come see some color down your way!!

    3. tah, she said humbly. I'm checking out breadmakers in your honour, looked into the one you have and will see what i can get here. nightnight, k.

  7. Just beautiful...I would never tire of greys like that!

  8. Your picture sharing has certainly made the best of 'grey'!! Instead of thinking of it as GRAY think of it as silver, as in '...a silver lining.' Sunshine will soon show through and you'll be dazzled!

  9. Sweetpea,

    I feel so sad for Jude. I have an idea, for I feel quite helpless, for she does so much for us and I would like to do something for her. So what if we all make a circle of lights for WAS and Jude? I lit a candle and put it on my blog. Perhaps we could all do this. As many people visit your blog will you help me spread the light? (please don't mention my blog, for it's for Jude and WAS)


  10. gray can be lovely. especially after seeing so much brown!
    beautifully captured.