The expectation of happiness...


...this is mine: spring is coming ~ the hummers will return, and shortly after, the roses.
Ohhh, the roses...

It's Texture Tuesday and I'm linking up with the rest of the gang...
I've used KK's 'Revolution' and 'Start'
and an old roses border texture from Playing with Brushes...

...for comparison, where I started from.

: : :

In the meantime, I have a great culinary expectation under all this mulch...

...the garlic is up!
Five varieties that have been grown on this island for ages, but for the first time by me.
A gift from one of the old-timers.

Hope you've had a lovely Valentine's Day, my friends...


  1. oh, your before and after photo is just amazing to see the beauty that texture can bring to a photo. hope your valentine's day was filled with happiness!

    1. Thanks nancyjean, 'twas a lovely day...hope yours was too!

  2. yay for the garlic, and what are the hummers?

    1. Yankee speak for *hummingbirds* :>]]
      And that garlic? well, it's right up there with potatoes for the easiest thing to grow ever!

  3. I purchased a new feeder this week in anticipation of May 4th. The hummers arrive every year on or near my Gram's birthday. I like to think she is directing them my way. I have garlic that I first purchased at the Lavendar Farm in Sequim. Every year, there is more and better than any I have grown or purchased. Wishing you a beautiful week.

    1. When I first tasted our island-grown garlic, I about fell over swooning. It was soooo different from store bought it was almost like a different vegetable. Problem is, I'm wrecked now - for good - and I guess that means I'll turn into a garlic snob of some sort.
      Have a lovely week, too, Jeannie. Such a nice story about your hummers...

  4. Do you know how depressing it is to hear your garlic is up?! Won't even bother looking for it for another 2 months. oy! I love growing garlic. It's so... accommodating! If I don't get around to digging it out, it happily grows another year, getting bigger. stronger.

    Love. Love. Love. Your "happiness" edition. Adding the roses? Touch of genius!

    1. Sorry to bum you out, Jen { wink } Your word..."accommodating"...that's exactly spot on in my short experience so far. I'm pretty excited to read that it can be left in the ground so long. I may try a few plants as an experiment, just to see how big they get.
      Typical Canuk...teaching us southerners a thang or two!!
      Thanks for the photo pats ~ Tuesdays are turning into such fun :>]]

  5. hi christi
    I loved the photographs in this post, and the fact that you are growing garlic.
    we have been growing our own garlic for about nine years now, and it is so much better than the bought stuff.

    I hope your roses and your garlic give you the happiness that you are expecting.


    1. T, how lovely to see you 'round these parts again, hope you don't stay away so long next time!
      Me too (on the happiness bit).

  6. green, oh beautiful green
    sensed in the wind
    pushing against the snow

    soon we are blessed
    with hummers and roses

    words can't say it
    as well as your image