by beading up a storm...
needles called Size 0...six beaded stitches equal 3/4 of an inch.

Can't say I'm loving this thread...very bling-ie and a little too flash for my taste,
not at all natural to work with either.
So maybe it will be silk thread for the next one.  I'm open to your suggestions...
maybe a perle cotton?

I can't even explain how energizing this process is,
how such quiet, methodical work can completely recharge that part of me that goes *flat*...

: : :

Found a list over here that sounds really good,
although it could be just my mood.
Hope you like it...it applies to any of us working towards something.
I am especially fond of item #1
and being one of those "over-thinkers" myself, I'm now thinking (hah!)
that I don't want to tie myself up with that nonsense anymore...
Wanna get more   %$@&   done instead!

And now I'm going to just STOP over-thinking this blog post and hit


  1. i'm not crazy about metallic thread myself but those beads and how you put them together are fabulous. the thread doesn't show that much on the front side. i'd also love it with a dark brown thread or even a dark green. i think any type thread would work.

  2. I agree with Deanna, I like the combination of colors, even the gold thread - beautiful bracelet!

    And I popped over to the list, very good!!! I plan to pass it on to my students.

  3. Your knitted bracelet-to-be looks luscious indeed! So many fiber choices to try and examine!!!

    What I like best about this post though is the list and what you take from it. Yes, #1 is the key to everything.

    Your blog pictures are so lovely, like the background fabric for the bracelet... what an artist you are!

  4. hmmm yes I'm thinking I may like to try this beading thing?

  5. Love the colours of those beads, but, like you, not overkeen on the gold thread.

    Great list....

    ..I'm off to the workroom to make *&$£ :-)

  6. i like #12 on the list, find some quiet.
    Perle cotton, waxed by dragging it thru beeswax, is good for that sort of beading, but i do like your gem arrangement and collection, something i should get around to again.

  7. This is lovely! I don't know whether it would work or not - as it is cotton - but Caron's Wildflowers threads are absolutely gorgeous variegated threads. Also Caron's silk Water Lilies is absolutely lovely (but pricey). Like this list!

  8. I'm not ordinarily a huge fan of metallic thread either but you've made it completely beautiful with these lovely beads. Well worth the extra fiddling, I'd say.

  9. Thank you for the link to Chase Jarvis, Christi.

    It was JUST what I needed to start the new year.

    I've printed it out...shall pin to my wall.

    Lovely beading as well.