Night riding...


Although not too festive myself this season, the jeep always gets a wreath
so there it is...it's tradition.
It's a wonderful thing that something so simple can raise the spirits
and one of the best reasons to carry on with traditions in the first place.
See who's sitting there in the passenger seat?
I think she likes the vantage point.

We have an expression out here called "going to America"...
it's what the islanders call the mainland and we travel there by ferry.
It's a forty minute ride, mostly in calm waters buffered by the other islands, but every now & then
the journey can get pretty hairy.  On this night, 
it was dead calm...

I love the night crossings in winter.
The ship's crew turn out most of the lights so you glide along across all that black water
with the hum & rattle of turbines surrounding you...

I stayed in my car and looked at the bones of the ship.
Took lots of pictures *up*...
is that an odd thing to do?  I never thought so before until I put it in writing...
oh well, that's the truth of it and not the first time I've gone a bit nutty with my phone camera.  
I'm addicted to my phone camera.
Yup, truly.
There's so little control over it, it actually ends up being completely freeing.
The picture is never framed as I intend it to be, rarely turns out the way I imagine,
like in this photo above where it captured some ghost images off the windshield...
I never saw them.

: : :

Only one more day left of my December Views...
what a blog experience this has been!  I'll write more about the process later, when it's a new month
in a new year...
but in the meantime, see you tomorrow  :>]]

the whole thing started back here...


  1. a lot of cars downunder here sport antlers at this time of year. and your dog would be sitting in the driver's seat here. have a wonderfilled 2012.

  2. Happy new year Christie, lots of creativity next year !

  3. here we go...into a brand new set
    of squares on the calendar...
    the Best of Wishes to you, to Us...

  4. ghost images!
    I looked and looked
    at the picture
    she's a photoshop genius

    big chuckle
    when I finally read the post

    love your description of
    going to America