Summer rain...


...not a particularly extraordinary thing, but unusual for around here.
It hasn't rained in summer since I moved to these islands, far as I can remember.
And it  never  rained in summer where I came from (hot, inland area of northern California)...


although everyone has been complaining,

I am secretly delighted.

I have a story cloth project on the horizon,
one that needs parameters,
a set direction for stitching and beading,

so I had the idea today to use my phone camera as a sketching tool,
as a thought gatherer, of sorts.

I'd recently loaded a new app to play with called 'Grungetastic' and thought
why not use it to work through a few ideas...

...I'm probably more comfortable with a camera in my hand than a drawing
tool these days anyway...

so I caught some rain laden purple foliage

and some purple blooms so dark they are almost black...

...and dawg, overseer of all goings-on,
who isn't much concerned with petals and such, only concerned about where I happen to be.
A beautiful thing is that.

I see these "grunge" veils as veils of silk ~ can you see it?

There was this beauty too...who will bloom shortly and then be gone.
An ephemeral.


  1. Always such a delight to wander round your garden with you, C. It rains nearly every day in summer here. I wonder if any part of the world lives in balance.

  2. And what an amazing gatherer of blooms and textures you are! Lots of inspiration and a pleasure to scroll through.

  3. Thank you for a glimpse of your garden. Don't I love it. Dawg is beautiful too. I once had a tricolor collie...Shahara..

  4. you have captured essence in these photos. thank you for sharing them.

  5. Grunge veils of silk are sooooooooooooo compelling. Think you're onto something wonderful with this concept.

    Your garden a awesome beyond belief... I want to come be in it one day soon. Can I bring my beading and sit in your garden to bead?

  6. gosh christi, after eight years of dry here I find i just love the rain. we had rain here all last summer too and I was amazed at how it brought all the colours to their best, the softness, the deepness, the beauty that is often missed in the harshness of sunlight. I loved this post and your incredible photos.


  7. Thanks for taking us on a walk through your lovely garden. I can see a stitchery in each and every one of these pictures.

  8. What a beautiful summer garden of flowers you have-- so many different textures!

  9. K ~ ...always a delight to have you visit over here :>] I am not certain humankind is meant to live in balance, but possibly to find our own (inner) balance in a topsy-turvy world?

    Penny B ~ many thanks. I think it would be safe to say that I am a *flower floozie* to the core.

    Deanna, that is such a perfect word - "essence" - for what I was trying to do with my phone sketches. Rather than be too literal, I was definitely aiming for a feeling.. Thanks for that!

    Robin, of course, pack up your beads & get over here!

  10. These photos are SO gorgeous. My favorite is #5 but I love all of them. Can't wait to see what you do with the changes in fall.

  11. I especially love the picture of the mullien (probably didn't spell that right?). I've enjoyed our rainy days too...means I don't have to water the garden. :)

  12. Your garden is unbelievable.

    I think it is gorgeous. I don't usually comment on garden photos in what are usually textile blog, but your garden is a tapestry.

    Thank you for the delight.

  13. these photographs are just stellar!
    the colors and texture against and
    upon texture...i wish i had them on the wall...just breathtaking

  14. Spring is just beginning to spring here, cant wait to see all the flowers.