This little ditty


Punchneedle embroidery has been referred to as thread painting because of
its ability to create intricate designs...

...the concept is simple ~ thread or yarn is punched through a fabric with a pencil-shaped hollow needle,
leaving tufted loops on the top of the fabric.

Viewed this close, don't the loops look large, akin to a hooked rug?

They're not.  They're itty-bitty.  And I wish you could feel the texture of


So fine!

It is embroidery thread...masses and masses of embroidery thread
and much softer than I had imagined...

A thousand  THANK YOUs  to Penny for creating this little ditty bag
and for hosting such a delightful Spring Giveaway over on her blog, Art Journey
(where my name jumped out of the winner's hat.)

Truth be told, I couldn't wait to pull out the contents to see what Penny
had hidden inside...

...that's when I discovered how meticulously lined it was,
with delicate hand stitches all around the top edge

and circumnavigating the entire wee handle.

One awesome ditty bag, wouldn't you say?

Penny has been working on punchneedle pieces for some time now.
I have been fascinated by her blog posts describing her process
and progress through experimentation with loop heights, design choices and color mixing of threads.
If you'd like to see more of what she's up to, hop on over to Art Journey
and do a keyword search on "punchneedle."
Two of my very faves are this one (love the button)
and this (love this button even more!)

With much gratitude,
this little ditty has found a good home...


  1. How lovely! It looks like it was made just for you :-)

  2. Lucky you! I was hoping....but it went to a good home!

  3. Like Penny, I was lusting after the ditty bag as well. Congrats on being the winner! Sigh!

  4. what a fabulous win, it's really beautiful and i could feel it's texture, thru my eyes.

  5. Gosh Christi - thanks so much for 'featuring' me on your blog - I'm very flattered. I simply love the look of loop-pile embroidery (punchneedle) and the first time I actually saw it decided to 'make it mine'!

  6. Oh yes, K, that's what I thought too...made for me indeed! my colors & all those spirals...oh my.

    Penny Berens & Anne-Marie ~ thank you, it's found a very good home here! I hope Penny will have many, many more of these on offer...she definitely has the touch.

    Kaite, it's so unbelievably soft. I was surprised that looped (so tightly) embroidery thread felt like this, really quite beautiful.

    Penny ~ tis your ditty bag that is the *feature* and all your lovely handwork! You are so very lucky to have come upon creative work that moves you so. And it's very obvious it does. I've hung my little ditty above my work table where it reminds me daily to do what you love...

  7. Mmm, that's beautiful. I had no idea punch needle embroidery could be so subtle and painterly.

  8. this looks like it just has to be touched....