Does this look familiar?  It's over there, on the upper right side of my blog...a detail from my avatar.  I've used that image ever since joining Blogger.  Probably well overdue for a change but I'm quite attached to it at this point.  I can be loyal to a fault.

I decided to tell you more about this beaded piece today because my dear beadiful friend Robin, once told me that this was one of her favorites and since she was majorly responsible for setting me on the blogging path to begin with and oh heck, for setting me on the beading path to begin with, it only seemed appropriate.  

We were doing a bit of catching up on the phone last night.  So much has been happening for both of us, it's been easy to lose track of time.  Robin's mom recently passed away (a lovely post about her mom on her blog here) and through the grieving some quiet steps forward have begun.  One of these steps is to "lighten my load," as she described it, something Robin learned from her mom about traveling lighter in later years.  To that end, Robin has decided to part with some of her own original beadwork.  Golly.  

Here is the link to her very upbeat blog post about this decision - if you've ever yearned to own a Robin Atkins *one-of-a-kind* this is quite an opportunity.  She's parting with many of the miniature technique samplers she beaded for her book,  Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery - 22 of them (although many have sold already).  You can check them out here.  Many more goodies to come, too.

So back to this piece...my August page for the 2008 Bead Journal Project, Three Shells, following on the year-long theme of exploring my relationship with where I live.  Using beads and found objects collected during that particular month, I hoped to reveal what my island life is like...

and in that process, increase my connection to it...

...all about tides, sea glass, multi-colored beach stones, layered reflections of sky, sea foam.

Looking back on it now it seems a kind of beaded poem to my home.  And three years on I see that I have become much more a part of this place after all.

Lovely to have you visit, my friends, till next time...


  1. what a beautiful piece and tribute to your island life. and i wish i was so lucky as to be able to own one of robin's pieces...there are going to be 22 really fortunate people out there!

  2. Smiling, blushing, flapping my arms in a happy dance... that's me as I see this beautiful piece of yours again under the skillful eye of your camera.... oh the beautiful grace of it! And, yes, I'd say you HAVE, indeed, settled into a comfortable companionship with your island life!

    Thanks so much for your mention of my load lightening efforts. Didn't know how it would feel to actually part with these pieces, but they are all going to absolutely wonderful people, most of whom I've either met in person or met in cyberland through the BJP. It's a great honor to me that they want to have my work!

  3. I can't even begin to imagine the time and work involved in creating this fabulous piece of work. Totally awestruck.

  4. I can smell the salt air, and feel the sand between my toes as I look at this artwork... its so beauitiful. what a wonderful post christi.


  5. Very evocative and beautifully crafted x

  6. So much intricate and delicate bead work and details in your art piece-- so reflective of your friendships and your life and creative art.

  7. A beaded poem indeed! I look at this image each day when I check your blog -- love seeing the whole thing and hearing your thoughts about it.

  8. Lisa, thank you and oh yes, I think so too...dunno how she can part with them...

    Robin ~ the honor is all of ours, I think, to have you share your beautiful work...

    Morna ~ me too, thanks! ;>}

    K ~ many small tiny stitches (in the same way I can't imagine yours, I suppose) but I love knowing that we are all stitching in our own ways, isn't it grand?!

    T, Gilly, Clare & Donna ~ thank you so very, very much for the kind words

    Penny ~ I think it's important to put words to our work sometimes, brings clarity to the maker and provides the viewer with one more level of "seeing."

  9. I am loving your work - will call back often.

  10. Lovely colours!
    It does remind me so of islands and beaches and the sea!

  11. The bleached bone abstract shapes of the sea washed shells are just lovely set against the intricate beadwork. What a delight to find such a beautiful piece of work. :o)

  12. Now honey, you know I came over here to read your "other self" post, but I am a true believer that things happen for a reason.

    I know the reason I was "sent" here was to see your beadwork; especially this piece! I can't explain easily in words why this one made my heart skip a beat, but when you get a chance, please read this post I did a few months ago and I believe you'll see why…


    I'm drooling all over my desk, this is GORGEOUS!

  13. Christi!! I remember this piece so well from when Robin posted it on her blog back when she had just roped you into the bead journal project!! i was so sad that you did not have a blog!! I have been insanely busy since that time and I have missed the fact till right now Jan 17 2012 that you started blogging over a year ago!! Well, a huge and very late welcome You amazing artist you!! Your blog is a delight just like your bead work!! I too grew up on the Sea- Cape cod and I get to go back and visit at least twice a year. Wish that i lived where you do- I have visited your island as my uncle used to own a lot of property on Orcas- lucky you!! I am now following and adding you to my Blog Roll!! So very exciting to have found you!! BEAD ON!!!