Dawg days of autumn...


...what a glorious time of year here in the Pacific Northwest!

It is the perfect season to begin a blog and it seems only fitting to start my first entry with a photo of my soulmutt, Isla, enjoying a gorgeous day, watching leaves fall and probably wishing they were birds she could chase instead. She'll be with me a lot on Sweetpea Path, since she generally follows me everywhere and wants to be part of everything. Try and stop her.

The idea for this blog has been percolating in my brain (and heart) for some time. Although active in the blog world through the participation and enjoyment of the blogs of others, I have been hesitant to create one of my own. That learning curve stuff, I guess. But the time has come. And I am blaming all of this on the BEADS...

Back in 2007, I joined the Bead Journal Project and I have not been the same since. Really. Ask my friends. If you are unfamiliar and would like to read all about this amazing project, you can do it here and you can visit their blog here.

Like many gals smitten with beads, I had been hoarding them and playing with them and from time to time, even making the odd wearable object with them. Yet it wasn't until I happened upon something called "improvisational bead embroidery" that my course was changed forever. The BJP project was founded by Robin Atkins - bead artist, teacher, writer & mentor - who, in her own words has "developed an incurable case of Beadlust..." (Robin, do you know how many lives you've changed?! thank you.)

My love of beadwork has jettisoned me towards a new and dare I say, very exciting path. In 2010, another BJP begins and I'll be taking part. I hope to meet many more beady pals and best of all, partake and contribute to this sharing and generous community of talented and creative bloggers. I am so happy to be here at last.

When I'm not swooning about beads, I'll probably be yacking about plants, gardens, native critters, stuff that's happening, rain that's falling (duh!) or anything else that catches my fancy. Oh, and life-with-dawg. Cuz it's my blog - and I can. Nuff said.

Please come back and visit again! Comments are always welcome. I'll hit "Post" now and see what happens...


  1. Congratulations, dear Sweatpea!!!! I shall sooooooooooo enjoy following this path along with you and Isla! Thanks for calling me a mentor. You may not realize it, but with your gentle comments on many beady blogs and FB, you too are a mentor, inspiration and booster of spirits! Hoooray that you'll be back in the BJP in 2010! I love that we share this adventure. Hugs, Robin

  2. Yay SweetPea! Blogging at last! I'll most definitely be following you through your year in beads - love the photo of Isla and your environs - beautiful!

  3. Congrats to your blog!
    You did post a nice picture, so what is your prob? (if I can help)

    Have fun blogging :-)
    Hello from Hamburg

  4. To Robin, Morwyn and Tally: THANK YOU, each of you, it means so much to have you visit and make such nice comments...much, much appreciated!!! I'm surely off to a great bloggy start now :>]]

  5. Hi Christi! Welcome to the blogging world. There are all kinds of amazing adventures waiting for you out here...can't wait to see what you come up with next! Susan

  6. Great start to your blog, christi! I love seeing another pacific northwestener blogging and bjp-ing!
    I'm a cat person...hope you and isla won't hold it against me, lol!

  7. To Susan: Many thanks & lovely to hear from you! I am really looking forward to this adventure, too :>]]

    To beadbabe: Thank you & thanks so much for stopping by, my fellow northwesterner. Don't worry about the cat thing - I ADORE cats, too, and would have a menagerie of them if my husband wasn't allergic, even if Isla wanted to eat them for lunch!

  8. I'm looking forward to watching your blog!

  9. Congratulations on your first blog entry, it becomes very addictive indeed.
    I too love beads and have quite a hoard. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  10. Welcome to the blogging world. I've seen you before as a commenter and it's nice to hear your voice.
    I think it's wonderful that you have discovered this creative outlet (the beading). It's how I felt when I began understanding Photoshop. And then textures.
    Good on you.

    And I love the dog.

  11. To pam T: I am so glad you stopped by, thank you!

    To Ro: Likewise, for your visit to my new blog! This is what I so love about this blogging community...making connections with others who share a common interest, yet who might be on the other side of the world :>}}

    And Country Girl: OMG, I have been visiting your blogs for ages...I am so pleased to have you stop by here! You have definitely been one of my inspirations for becoming a blogger myself...well, and George too, of course.

  12. ....we have very similar dogfriends!